Week of May 10, 2023

Is America a Week Away from an Immigration Crisis?


Next week, on May 11, America may be heading to an immigration crisis that has never been seen in the US, despite the unauthorized immigration floods of the past two decades.

One stark way to look at it is that every day, the equivalent of one army division of people will flood the US southern border.  Currently, about 8,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the border every day.  Next week, it may surge to 14,000.

The new flood is due to the expiration of Title 42, which tried to limit border crossings due to the Covid epidemic.

The new situation is so important that even Democrats are warning about the crisis.  Jeh Johnson, who served as Homeland Security Secretary under Obama, said Biden’s plan to monitor, process, and release the immigrants is not feasible as there is expected to be chaos once Title 42 is removed.

The Biden Administration has made it clear they do not plan on focusing or deterring the influx of immigrants.  Rather they plan to absorb the unauthorized immigrants and process them faster.

“When you have people coming across our southern border in such numbers, even with the additional resources we have now, it’s simply not feasible to keep track of them all.  And the backlog in cases just grows and grows, and communities along the southern border are forced to absorb these larger numbers,” Johnson said.

Johnson once considered 1,000 unauthorized immigrants crossing a day a crisis as they strained border towns.  With 8 to 14 thousand entering, they are not only straining border towns, but cities thousand miles away.

Texas has started transferring immigrants already processed by the Customs and Border Patrol.  These new migrants are being transported to New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

Ironically, these cities, which once said they welcomed migrants are complaining that they too are seeing their services being overloaded by this influx of migrants.  Outgoing Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent a letter to Texas Governor Abbot asking him to stop sending any more unauthorized immigrants to her city.

“We simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level,” Lightfoot said.  Ironically Chicago once called itself a “sanctuary city” and refused to cooperate with federal officials in deporting unauthorized immigrants.

Texas Governor Abbot responded by writing, “As the mayor of a self-described sanctuary city, it’s ironic to hear you complain about Chicago’s struggle to deal with a few thousand illegal immigrants, which is a fraction of the record high numbers we deal with in Texas on a regular basis.”

Abbot is restarting the bus trips to Chicago this week.  He is also asking Lightfoot to call on the Biden Administration “to do its job.”

Other northern mayors like New York City are also finding it hard to cope with the migrant influx.


Deadly Influx

Anti immigrant’s hawks in the US are claiming that “this flood of migrants isn’t simply people who are looking for work and a better way of life.  The migration is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.  Migrants, called “mules,” carry loads of drugs across the border”.

They also point to the Caterpillar Training Center just south of Tucson, Arizona was the scene of a drug gang gun fight when the site was closed for a weekend.

The President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, has said that when Title 42 is lifted, the drug cartels will have complete control over the border.

“Once Title 42 goes away and the explosion happens, they’re going to control our entire southwest border,” Judd said.  “When they do that, that’s when [the cartels] are going to be able to bring in all their products, such as fentanyl, the dangerous drugs, the criminal aliens, and the aliens from special interest countries.  All of that is going to go up and it’s going to be Americans that are going to pay for it.


Why do Politicians let this happen?

Although many Americans, including those of Hispanic descent, want strong border controls, the politicians in Washington DC don’t do anything about it.

Some blame political donors, of both parties, who find it in their interest to have cheap illegal workers, who can drive down wages.

Then, there are some who see the inability to manage the migrant crisis as the opening of a new revolution.

Anti immigrants are spreading fear and accuse pro immigrants that they intend to overload the welfare system, so that it would destroy the American economic system, creating chaos and violence in the street – leading eventually to revolution.